Anthony O’Neill is a Broker and a Regulated Financial Advisor CPD member of LIA, an authorized adviser in all areas of financial planning, from life insurance investments, home loans, serious illness income protection, and retirement and savings plans.

Our business has been providing specialist high standard complete and quality information about life insurance/assurance and related benefits in the Polish language with our industry qualified native Polish speaking staff for over 12 years in Ireland.

We also have strong links with the Polish Community in Ireland, supporting many events, sporting, educational arts and media for many years. Many Polish speaking clients have recommended us many times to their friends, work colleagues and families.


Regulated and licensed as Insurance Intermediary by Central Bank of Ireland.

Member of the Brokers Ireland, LIA and Institute of Bankers.

Contributor to Investments Protection Scheme Indemnity.

Tony O’Neill is also an International Member of Financial Planning Association accredited in October 2010.

Tony O’Neill also became a member of the Ireland Poland Business Association in 2011.


Anthony O’Neill has advised over 5,000 individuals on protection, pension plans and investments. Professional and ethical consulting, and always acting in the best interest of the client.

Gained extensive experience in the field of financial consulting while working initially in Bank Assurance at Bank of Ireland Life. Then expanded his experience at IMC Irish Mortgage Corporation. In September 2009, he started his own business creating tonyoneill.ie, a protected and closely related tied agent franchise with Canada Life Ireland, then in 2011 he founded, registered and incorporated his own Multi-Agency Brokerage Anthony O’Neill Financial Services.

In recent years, we have witnessed financial turmoil both for individuals, families and even companies, hence the need for financial restructuring and a good financial plan for the coming years.

Financial advice should be focused on the best interest of the client, tailored to their earnings, and based on building trust and confidence that the offered product is fully understood by the customer. In short, we always aim that we have not just the answers but also the solutions for our customers.

Tony O'Neill with Marcin Nawrot former Polish Ambassador Ireland
Tony O'Neill with Marcin Nawrot former Polish Ambassador Ireland