Savings Plans

Savings Plans

What you do today creates what is possible tomorrow. A savings plan is a plan to achieve financial goals, which may include saving in the event of emergencies, so-called “rainy days”, for the purchase of a home, holiday, new car or for the future education of your children. Creating a realistic budget can help you develop a rewarding savings plan. The Savings Plan is an investment product that gives you a simple way to save each month by direct debit to help you achieve your short or long term financial goals. A short-term savings plan usually covers a period of 5 years, a long-term savings plan covers a period of 10 years or more.

How do the savings plans work?

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. When it comes to saving, we each have different starting points, different goals and different capacities to save. The way you save will depend on whether you want to be a regular saver, or if you’re a lump sum investor. How open are you to taking some investment risks? How much money are you comfortable with saving each month? We can help you find the right savings plan to suit your needs and circumstances.

I'm a regular saver

You want to put away a sum of money on a regular basis. You want to build up a fund over a period of time with a specific goal in mind – or perhaps just for a rainy day. Why not choose a savings plan – a unit-linked savings plan in which you can invest in a range of investment funds. You can save as little as €75 per month. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly your savings can accumulate.

I've got a lump sum

You may have a sizeable amount of money to invest through inheritance, a redundancy payment or another savings plan you have encashed. In this case, this could be a good choice for you if you wish to invest money for a longer term. This will suit you if you have a lump sum of at least €5,000. You can also combine your lump sum investment with your regular savings.

Staying in control of your savings

However you decide to save, you’re always in control of your savings. If you choose to invest, we’ll help you decide which funds to select within the level of risk you’re comfortable with. As your savings mature, you’ll have full visibility of your account – online. And when the time comes to withdraw your savings, you can look forward to a smooth, seamless process.